Amide (Academy for Microfinance Development in Asia) has been implemented since 2008. MICRA Indonesia as the organizer of the amide is committed to encourage the microfinance industry to be able to adapt to various changes in the market quickly.

Amide provide intensive training programs for various groups, both nationally and internationally, including policy makers, analysts and consultants in the field of microfinance, Microfinance practitioners, commissioners, directors, senior and middle managers of rural banks (BPR) and cooperatives, including Credit Union, commercial banks, stakeholders in the microfinance industry, including governments, international donors, private, and social investors, as well as academics and institutions involved in training in the field of microfinance.

The training was delivered by experts in national and international scale, and organized in a participatory atmosphere to encourage discussion, tukat opinions, and share their experiences in an effort to encourage effective learning process.