The 5th HERfinance Training at PT Presindo Central

On November 26, 2019, MICRA held the 5th HERfinance training at PT Presindo Central. The training was started at 1 pm and finished at 4 pm (WIB). The training was attended by 30 Peer Educators (PEs), PT Presindo Central workers that participate in training, with Mr. Gatot Syafdiono as the trainer and Deni Anggara as co-facilitator in this session. 

The fifth training was talked about talking finance-matters with family. The objective of the training was to understand that involving family members wisely in a household’s financial management is important to increase their commitment to achieving the family’s financial goals. In the beginning, the trainer asked the PEs about their experiences when talking about finances to their family members. The PEs were enthusiastic to share their stories about it. Most of them also mentioned the difficulties of trying to be open about finances to their families. The discussion went on creating a household budget that consists of each family’s budget. The method used in the training is participatory methods; lectures, discussions and individual practice

Each participant assigned to have a group discussion on how to create a household budget. The participants had to understand each family's needs before they create a budget. In this activity, they learned how to make a budget not only from their perspective. They also need to understand other family members' needs and perspectives through good communication between family members.