Questionnaire for Post-Disaster Liquidity Initiations

Dear All Leaders of Microfinance Institutions in Indonesia,

We are very aware that currently many of our MFI partners and our partner clients are experiencing very difficult times both physically and financially from the COVID 19 pandemic, which has severely affected the health and livelihoods of members. In many cases, the impact of the COVID pandemic is similar to the scenario experienced after a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or tsunami.

MICRA plans to launch new initiatives to address disaster preparedness as well as provide post-disaster liquidity facilities for MFIs and their respective MFI clients. In terms of delivering this new scheme, we are “leaving no one behind” and therefore we are asking our MFI partners, including you and your institution, to assist us by providing detailed feedback on how this pandemic is affecting your business as well as your clients.

We launched a short online survey (hard copies also available for manual filling, if needed), and asked each of our MFI partners to fill in the data they asked for in the survey. With this data, we can ensure that we develop facilities that fully meet MFI's demands and customer needs. Details of the online survey form can be found on google survey as the link mentioned here MICRA Online Survey. Meanwhile, a printed copy is available for download here MICRA Questionnaire File.

We look forward to completing this survey by the end of January 2021 and we rely heavily on your support and feedback to ensure that this new scheme will fully meet your needs and expectations.

If you have specific questions or require support in completing the online survey, please contact the undersigned.

Thank you in advance for the kind support and cooperation.


M. Alfi Syahrin

Executive Director of MICRA Indonesia